Putting the D in the double D.

And the Hero Was Never Seen Again, an epic RPG by Circle Poison, has been published by Kagura Games on Steam and their own storefront.

And the Hero Was Never Seen Again is an epic adventure RPG escalating over twelve ‘episodes’, structured in a format inspired by anime. Players follow Astel, the chosen hero fated to defeat the demon lord. As he destroys the evil creature, an unknown magic envelops him, stealing his power and turning him into a woman. Despite the spontaneous curse, it seems like the world has been saved nonetheless, and Astel can finally lay down his sword.

Adjusting to the life of an average woman doesn't seem too difficult for Astel early on. The world, now being at peace, doesn’t have need for any heroic powers. Though all seems well as the hero gets their first job for a postal service, the peace proves to be short-lived: people are once again reporting sightings of demons. In the end, Astel teams up with two other girls to investigate the incident. Their new adventure will take them to a variety of dungeons, through time itself, and even into other dimensions.

And the Hero Was Never Seen Again features traditional RPG gameplay with players exploring areas, completing quests and facing enemies in turn-based battles. Sex scenes play out as parts of various events, with none present in the game's combat encounters. Any of the three characters can partake in most of the events, changing the narration based on the character’s personality. And the Hero Was Never Seen Again has three difficulty modes, which slightly expand on the mechanics by providing new crafting options to match the increased challenge, as well as a new game plus mode.

Immediately after defeating the Demon King, the Hero Astel is affected by mysterious magic and transformed into a woman. The now-female Astel has lost all of the power she once held as the Hero, but she soon finds that not to be so much of a problem. Such strength is unnecessary while the world begins to rebuild and advance peacefully.

She gets a new job and tries to live her second life to the fullest… until old foes reemerge. The “true demons” that should have been eradicated alongside the Demon King!

And thus does the curtain rise on a grand tale spanning the ages and shaking the foundations of fate itself.

And the Hero Was Never Seen Again is now available on Kagura Games for the promotional price of $11.99, where it will later cost $14.99, as well as on Steam for the full price. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a patch from the publisher’s website.

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