Lick twice for service

Pookie has a Fantasy!, a romantic eroge centered around satisfing your girlfriend’s sexual desires, is now available on Steam.

Pookie has a Fantasy! is an ongoing, episodic slice-of-life visual novel, developed and published by Pookie. The story centers around Pookie—the character in the game—your longtime friend-turned-girlfriend. You first bumped into each other on Valentine’s Day, deciding to have coffee together. She initially came off as a shy girl, but after spending more time with her, Pookie gradually came out of her shell. You soon come to learn that when it comes to sex, Pookie is curious, imaginative, and has more than a few fantasies she wants to try out.

In each episode, players will be exploring one of Pookie’s fantasies and making choices along the way. Players will be able to go on dates with Pookie, kiss her, and see her in numerous cute outfits. Pookie has a Fantasy! features seven episodes, five mini episodes, and over twenty H-scenes. Sex scenes in the game are wholesome in nature and feature acts such as blowjobs, cosplay, anal, spanking, BDSM, and more.

A Slice-of-Life Game Experience

Live through straightforward stories of Pookie, go on dates, and kiss Pookie.

Hand-drawn Art and Sprites

Every character in the game, Pookie, and other supporting characters is all hand drawn.

Episodic Gameplay

Each episode has one of her fantasies, but beware there are some choices you have to make.


- 7 (and counting) episodes to unlock!

- Over 40,000 words of dialogue!

- Many cute outfits

- also 5 mini episodes.

- Simple straightforward story of Pookie and her fantasies!

You can purchase Pookie has a Fantasy! on sale from Steam for $7.19. After February 22nd, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $7.99.

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