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Steps of Debauchery, an adventure game following a woman on a journey of sexual awakening, is available in early access on Steam.

In Steps of Debauchery, the heroine Riley is a supportive wife who moved to the city so her husband Mike can pursue his dream of running a bar. She was the type of person to put the needs of others over her own, so even when Mike was too busy with the bar to spend time with her, Riley would be understanding. This character trait of hers would lead her down uncomfortable situations that will help her discover who she is and what she desires.

Along with attending college and waiting tables at the bar, Riley starts to explore her sexuality and deepest fantasies. First, she spends more time with their elderly nextdoor neighbor, then she starts streaming with his grandson, and it only escalates from there. A new world has opened up to Riley and it is up to the player to decide just how thorough she will explore it. Will Riley be a victim of corruption, a just hero, or will she join the dark side.

FooxiedGames will be updating Steps of Debauchery around every month and plan to release the full game in 2026 at a higher price. Currently, the game features two episodes with over hours worth of gameplay. When completed, the game will have more scenes, characters, locations, soundtracks, etc. FooxiedGames has also released Bonus Content DLC that adds four-to-five renders to each scene. The renders can temporarily change Riley and other characters’ outfits and the camera settings.

Check out:

- 5+ hours of gameplay,

- More than 4,000 high-quality renders in 2K,

- Enjoy over 50 beautiful and hot animations,

- Over 40,000 storyline script words.

- Explore various locations with free roam,

- Meet and interact with more than 20 characters and find all the adult encounters,

- Let yourself be carried away by the story, music and sounds,

- Dive into custom-made user interfaces, including two different store menus, an inventory display for in-game items, a quest log (so you never get lost in the story), a phone gallery showcasing replay capability and hidden extra renders, and much more…So, get ready to have a blast and...

You can purchase Steps of Debauchery in early access on Steam for $14.99. The Bonus Content DLC is being sold for $3.99.

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