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After School Exhibition JK2 and Rural JK Exhibitionist 2,two adventure games by double melon, have received AI translations on DLsite.

After School Exhibition JK2 and Rural JK Exhibitionist 2 have been translated through the use of AI. The two games follow exhibitionist heroines exploring their sexual urges in various public situations, with their new English language patches are now available on DLsite.

After School Exhibition JK2 follows Sumire, a longtime pervert who’s been secretly undressing at school for some time now. She usually does so in the classroom, but her excitement has been running stale as of late. As such, she decides to try her luck with more public areas of the school and even a few places around it.

Players can freely explore the map as Sumire. The heroine can flash herself in most places, with a dedicated button for doing so. The more she exposes herself, the more excited she gets, unlocking access to more daring attempts and eventually making her eager to have sex.

There are 32 base CGs spread across 260 scenes. Most events are triggered by either undressing in an area or speaking to an NPC with an exclamation mark above them. The available areas include classrooms, bathrooms, public pool, the gym, and faculty rooms, among others. The heroine can also unlock various costumes, which change her sprite. Players can use hints to find more scenes or simply unlock the gallery after playing for two in-game weeks.

The heroine of Rural JK Exhibitionist 2 is Himari Aozora. She’s such a fan of exhibitionism that, when her parents plan their vacations on a cruise, she chooses to stay with her grandma in a rural village. Her reasoning is mostly because it would be much easier for her to safely expose herself there.

Just as before, Himari can expose herself in most areas through a dedicated button. Doing so also lowers her inhibitions, opening up opportunities for more daring attempts. There are four costumes she can wear, which will change the outcome of some erotic scenes. The village features town areas, fields, a mountain lake, a small beach, and a shrine hosting a festival.

There are 15 NPCs Himari can engage with, featuring 7 unique CGs with over 150 variants spread across 60 erotic scenes. Just as with the prior game, the gallery can be freely unlocked after two in-game weeks have passed.

After School Exhibition JK2 is available on DLsite for $8.85 (estimated from ¥1,320). The AI translation patch has to be downloaded separately.

Rural JK Exhibitionist 2 is available on DLsite for $9.58 (estimated from ¥1,430), with the patch available here.

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