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The H*pno-Pencil, a hypnosis adventure game by double melon, has received an AI translation on DLsite.

The H*pno-Pencil is an exploration-focused adventure game set at a school. The story follows Kagetaro, an unlikable introverted student with a gross appearance. Most people either try to be nice to him out of obvious pity or blatantly want him away from them. The only exception is his only friend, the equally unpopular gossiper, Eichi.

Kagetaro’s daily life is a somewhat repetitive one, as he tries to keep his head down and get through each day. This changes when he’s given a new opportunity by none other than his future self. The nearly 90-year-old Kagetaro sends his greatest invention into the past: a hypnotic pencil. Any text written with it immediately hypnotizes its readers. He hopes that with this tool, his younger self can finally get a girlfriend.

The pencil has its own set of rules to follow, though: the person who reads notes written with it doesn’t realize what they just read, but is influenced until the page is torn or erased. The more generalized the contents, the weaker the effect. Kagetaro can easily make someone fall for him with a direct note, but trying to turn someone into a pervert by hypnotizing them into being extremely horny towards men in general won’t hold much power.

Armed with this tool, Kagetaro begins his life by manipulating others into creating his own harem. Players are free to walk around the school, seeking NPCs during various phases of the day. By finding various heroines and interacting with them, players can choose what to write with the pencil from numerous options, leading to new scenes. There are over 100 scenes to discover using hypnosis, featuring 41 base CGs. Depending on their choices, players can reach 17 different endings, including 4 bad ends.

The main cast includes Akane Momiji, star of the track-running club, known for being kind even to Kagetaro; Karen Hanasaki, the school’s most beautiful girl with a handsome boyfriend; Reina Natsui, a classmate who despises Kagetaro for his looks; and Yukine Himiya, the homeroom teacher known for her cold personality.

The H*pno-Pencil is currently available on DLsite for the promotional price of $9.40 (estimated from ¥1,402), until February 14th, at which point it will cost $11.06 (¥1,650). Once purchased, you can now separately download the title's newly-released AI translation patch.

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