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DxR -A Better Tomorrow-, an SLG about being a scientist mastermind by MaraStudio, is now available on Steam.

DxR -A Better Tomorrow- takes place in a future ruined by nuclear war. Due to the abundant radiation, water and farmlands became scarce resources. The ruling class seized control of what what remained, creating the "Company": a corporation that manages the modern world. A new nobility of the "Naire" emerged, which treats people as either serfs or livestock.

In opposition, people created the "Liberation Front," a secretive organization searching for the means to depose the Company and restore a fair social order. Their new leader, a young scientist, works tirelessly to match the Company’s giantification weapon, allowing them to defend themselves from the Liberation Front’s efforts. He finally reaches a breakthrough when, in an attempt to capture a governmental weapon, the team rescues a powerful psychic girl. With her help, they’re able to capture and domesticate Kaiju, evening out their odds against the Company.

In this turn-based game, players take part in various missions for the Liberation front, earning resources to unlock and upgrade their arsenal of kaiju, as well as to better equip their ground personnel. Missions consist of turn-based battles, with players fighting either militant groups, or using their kaiju to duel the Company’s gigantified super soldiers.

There are 20 levels in DxR -A Better Tomorrow-, with 35 erotic CGs to discover as part of the narrative. The young scientist will become close with various members of his team, especially the inexperienced psychic. Players will also witness snippets of the ruling class abusing citizens, as well as the opposing heroines being taken for revenge by the Liberation Front’s army.

DxR -A Better Tomorrow- is now available on Steam for $14.99. Recently, the game also came out on DLsite, where it remains available for $14.76 (estimated from ¥2,200). A demo is also available to download on DLsite.

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