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A nukige about a divorced man’s casual fling, St. Yariman’s Little Black Book ~Complete~ has been released on JAST USA.

FAKKU previously published Orcsoft’s St. Yariman’s Little Black Book ~Complete~ on other storefronts back in 2022, but after two years, it is now available on JAST USA. This visual novel is a remake of the Japanese edition of the game released back in 2011. The art has been redrawn and a bonus chapter added, introducing a new heroine to the group.

Saikou Yasuo just got divorced after twenty years of marriage to his wife. He worked hard to put food on the table for her, but to no avail. She was disgusted by him and ended up cheating on him with a much younger man. Yasuo wasn’t angry or sad by the divorce or the news of his wife’s infidelity. Instead, he was elated and the night after the divorce, he went out drinking and reminiscing about his days as a bachelor.

While he was out barhopping, Yasuo realized he was being watched by a woman. She was a young and pretty girl, the type that would normally be revolted if she had to be anywhere near Yasuo. Surprisingly, she approached him and asked if he was looking for a good time. After that night, he will encounter five saintly sluts that will crave his cock like never before.


- Over 10 hours of the classic erotic visual novel experience.

- A full remake of the 2011 Japanese edition, redrawn by the legendary Sian!

- 5 gorgeous heroines to choose from. Miho is often found in the midst of ogling boys at the local arcade. Her best friend is Eli, bold and shameless, she’s the type to strike first. Underneath her tough-girl exterior, Rei is a shy lover of all things cute. Idolized by her admirers, Mana loves to put on a show. Don’t be fooled by newcomer Aya’s prim and proper exterior, she’s more of an open book than you might expect.

- Over 15 fully uncensored scenes in a choose-your-adventure style. Fulfill your fantasies with these kinky ladies in any order you’d like.

- Fully voice acted. Featuring performances by: Misonoh Mei, Momoya Minami, Tezuka Ryoko, Suzuya Maya, and Takanashi Hanami.

- The definitive version of a classic game that put Orcsoft on the map!

You can purchase St. Yariman’s Little Black Book ~Complete~ from JAST USA for $19.99.

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