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Project WAND: Festival Of Futas, a visual novel with RPG elements by Tea Summoner, is now available on Steam.

Project WAND: Festival Of Futas is a fantasy visual novel with RPG gameplay elements. Its fantastical world contains magic, which is wielded by witches. Those come in the form of the wandkin, or futanari, as well as the unarmed wandress, or women. The best of them gather regularly for the Festival of Futas, a magical tournament set to reveal the best witches and celebrate their accomplishments.

Players follow Savaasa, a headstrong, sporty witch who arrives at the tournament grounds with a large group of friends. The game takes on a ‘choose your own adventure’ style. As the girls explore various areas, players select the pathways they take and objects they interact with. Many of these will require tests of stats, and some may lead to turn-based combat.

Succeeding at the right tasks will allow Savaasa to get closer to her party members, including many erotic scenes. The party includes the well-endowed tsundere futanari Shin; the explosive and flat-chested Xian; the pure divine prophetess Kashin, with a huge package; May, a streamer who's solely into men; and Gwyn, a wild girl who sees herself as a deity. Unlocking all images will take multiple playthroughs, as certain paths and events can be exclusive.

The great Festival of Futas has arrived in the realm of witchdom. You play as Savaasa, a well-endowed "Wandkin" competing in the Festival challenge to reach the top and claim victory for all of futa-kind!

In short, you're a futanari witch competing in the futa witch tournament. And along the way you'll rail your fellow contestants - some may have dicks and some may be just your regular ol' dickless girl.

This game is a visual novel/RPG with many branching story paths and multiple endings. You'll have to be thorough if you want to unlock all the lewd scenes with every girl!

Project WAND: Festival Of Futas is now available on Steam and for $7.99.

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