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072 Project has published fantasy RPG Maker game Mylene and the Lust temple on Steam.

Mylene and the Lust temple is a fantasy RPG following the titular heroine Mylene, a novice magician who aspires to heal her sick father with magic. In order to fulfill this dream, she needs lots of money and magic power. Unfortunately, she has neither of those things and ranks at the bottom of the Wizard Association. She is only able to take odd jobs, but they don’t pay much. Mylene doesn’t have the luxury of time to help her father, but after a life changing event, she has learned a quick way to increase her magic power.

Any female wizard can increase her magic power by obtaining a man’s essence — no excessive training needed. Using this information to her advantage, Mylene can rank up in the Wizard Association, get more advanced missions, and squeeze out the essence of enough horny males to improve her magic and save her father’s life.

The key gameplay of this RPG is to explore the world and collect H-scenes. There are two ways Mylene can become powerful: absorb magic power through sex or train hard to obtain more magic power. Before draining a target, Mylene will need to chant a spell before an H-scene begins so that she can absorb male essence and increase her magic power. She can also use mind photography, which is an ability that can take sellable photos during H-scenes.

This game is a traditional erotic RPG that explores villages and dungeons interactively and triggers events.

①Drainge: Chant before the H scene can absorb male essence and increase the magic power of Mylene.

②Mind photography: The magic that can secretly record the photos of the H scene, and can be sold for money.

◇Spare unnecessary battle processes

In the dungeon, you won't enter the battle screen, as long as you hit the enemy, you can kill it with one blow.

◇Rich script with 250,000 words

◇Various H-Events satisfying different tastes of everyone

Interspecies Sex rape , gangbangs, and engage in sex activities with neighbors, priests,

competitors, and even her own father?

Mylene and the Lust temple can be purchased on sale from Steam for $11.89. After February 14th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original price of $13.99.

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