If you build it, they will cum

Sequel to HeartCoreDev’s science fiction yaoi romance, The Symbiant Re:Union has been published on Steam.

From HeartCoreDev, developer of Synthetic Lover, The Symbiant Re:Union is a sequel to The Symbiant. The story is set after two endings of the previous game, so it is recommended to play The Symbiant before playing the sequel. The game has two stories: Cayama and Odaria. The first story takes place on the planet of Cayama where Brahve finds Danya at the space port and confesses his love to him. After breaking up, and being separated for two years, Brahve still wants to win back Daya’s heart. With all this drama happening, there is still one question still up in the air: where is the Symbiant?

The next story takes place after the best ending in the first game. The crew goes to Odaria, Brahve’s home planet, and meet his cousin. While they are there, Danya and Brahve spend some time together at a hot spring resort and explore a nearby forest. This is a feel good story where you get a glimpse of Danya and Brahe’s life after their happy ending. The Symbiant Re:Union contains around three hours of content, twenty-two CGs, and full English voice acting.


- Cayama story: 17.5K words

- Odaria story: 19.5K words

- Approx 3 hours of play

- 22 CGs (not counting variations)

- Full English voice over

- Dialogue Choices

- Original soundtracks

You can purchase The Symbiant Re:Union on sale from Steam for $13.49. After February 12th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $14.99. Don’t forget to download the free adult patch DLC to add the sexual content to the game. If you don’t own the previous game already, The Symbiant is also on sale for the reduced price of $13.99.

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