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Casual management simulator Love n Life: Lucky Teacher is available on Steam.

Love n Life: Lucky Teacher is a slice of life management sim created by Reborn Entertainment, developer of the Love n War series. In this story, the protagonist loses his job as a space aviation expert due to an economic crisis caused by the Covitch69 pandemic. After a certain turn of events, he leaves the city for a small town where he was able to get a job as a teacher. In this new life, he will explore an unfamiliar town, meet lovely ladies, and fall in love.

There are four girls for you to romance and they are animated with Live2D. When interacting with characters, the choices you make will change how they see you. You can earn affection points, honesty points, sensitivity points, etc. For example, if you give a girl a gift she likes, you will gain more affection points. There are also customizable options for your room and girls’ outfits. You'll be able to play minigames to collect sexy outfits for your favorite love interests or furniture to decorate your room with.

Additionally, Reborn Entertainment is holding a review campaign where they are looking for feedback on how to improve their game. If they receive a certain amount of reviews, a milestone will unlock more content for the game.

Two hundred reviews will unlock three new locations, a new minigame, and a social application.

Three hundred fifty reviews will unlock a new story for each girl, side quests, and chibi variations.

Five hundred reviews will unlock three new girls and their content, more side quests, and another mini game.

Six hundred fifty reviews will unlock three new scenes, three new outfits, and the pet parenting feature.

Eight hundred reviews will unlock three more new girls, a new city with six locations, and new businesses.

Finally, one thousand reviews will unlock four new scenes, seasonal festivals, and new jobs.

Sato Yuriko 💕 A Spirited Adventure

A student with a lavish background is a gaming addict with an insatiable passion for trends and idol culture. Her vivacious personality and overflowing confidence might make you overwhelmed. She usually puts you in tricky situations, but for someone as seasoned as you, these can become your golden opportunity.

Sato Himari 💕 A Serendipitous Connection

She unexpectedly crosses paths with you while tutoring her younger sibling at their home. Her graceful aura, gorgeous blue eyes, and sunlit smile instantly stir your heart. As unexpected events unfold during these tutoring sessions, a profound connection blossoms between you and the beautiful lady.

Masumi Ishida 💕 Embracing New Beginnings

The director of the educational center where you apply as a teacher is yearning for genuine love due to past heartaches. Upon your arrival, she sees a true hero who has the potential to mend her heart. The tales of her experiences will enrapture you, weaving you into a web of affection.

Liu Xinyi 💕 A Heartwarming Connection

A gentle and diligent overseas student hailing from China. Her quiet demeanor may pose a challenge to forge a close bond, but as you penetrate her shell, you’ll discover a wonderful personality. Your ideal date spot is a cozy cat café, where you both can share heartwarming moments.

You can purchase Love n Life: Lucky Teacher on sale for $5.39 from Steam. After February 7th, the sale will end and the game will return to $5.99. Don’t forget to also download the free DLC, Secrets Behind Classroom Doors.

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