Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

The Forest of Love, a furry slice of life adventure game, is being made by the joint efforts of Carrot and Vixel.

The Forest of Love is a 2D adventure game inspired by some of the earliest furry art, with critters appearing as animals humanized in behavior, without anthropomorphism. The game sees players take the role of a red panda named Rascal, who moved to the titular Forest of Love, a small town known for its sexually open community.

The adventure game is built around exploration and item collection. Players make friends with various inhabitants of the forest, doing small fetch quests for them to help resolve problems the town runs into. As they make friends and meet frivolous characters, numerous sex scenes become available, including both image sets and fully animated scenes. All erotic content includes solely animals, with both straight and gay content available.

The game is being developed by the illustrator, animator, and storyteller Carrot in partnership with the programmer Vixel, along with help from their new music producer Soul of Luca. Their plan is to create a story of four acts, followed by a post-game ‘act five’ segment. So far, two parts of the story have been developed, and the team is working hard on the third. Each part of the story will bring in new critters and new biomes, encouraging all manners of exploration.

A VERY Adult furry game featuring a group of rowdy, raunchy, loveable critters! Explore a charming world in a Sorta-Zelda/Animal Crossing/Not-Really adventure! Seriously, it's like... Retro but inspired by modern dope indie games. All while taking a serious approach in marrying a solid game experience, AND a smut experience! Brought to you in wonderful fakebit! Content is super sex-positive! Warning: Feel good vibes, and major cuties. so watch out.


- A top-down pixel world with several different biomes, featuring loveable (literally) animal characters!

- Those animal characters are super charming! And they're more than excited to meet you!

- Obtain Items to increase your capabilities as you explore the forest!

- Robust dialogue system allowing for context-sensitive interactions, Multiple Speakers, and cool third thing!

- Gossip Dialogue System - Learn more about all of the critters, and ask them about stuff!

- Main Campaign covering Rascal's debut, meeting the critters, and the mystery of the forest!

- Tons of Non-Linear content that serves to flesh out the Critters and their world!

- Mini-Games! Button mashing, Evasive maneuvers, and rhythm games!

- Gallery function to unlock and re-experience the spiciest moments of the game!

The latest public build of The Forest of Love is available for PC, Mac, and Linux on In the future, the game will also be available on Steam. You can learn more about the project on its official website, as well as support it on the team’s Patreon.

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