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Intergalactic Ecstasy, a 3D sci-fi action-adventure game by HFTGames, has been released on Steam alongside a demo.

Intergalactic Ecstasy is a 3D sci-fi action game about the adventures of Penny Patty Piper. The heroine is searching for the Erotesian stones, a set of artifacts meant to direct explorers towards the homeworld of an ancient race. Erotesians are known for their explicitly sexual culture, whose home planet is believed to be a place of constant sexual activity, where nothing is valued more. A lifelong nymphomaniac, Piper hopes to join their society and sets out on a journey to earn her right to do so.

Much of Intergalactic Ecstasy is a third-person shooter. Piper will explore various planets armed with energy weapons, allowing her to defend herself against vicious fauna. The heroine can jump around and dodge roll out of danger, but her health is limited and can only be recovered using special stations spread throughout the levels. The player’s goal is to navigate around obstacles searching for the next Erotesian site, collecting bonuses and resources along the way.

Piper will come across various installations urging her to partake in erotic rituals. She will also meet many aliens interested in her body, which she’s more than willing to share. Intergalactic Ecstasy features animated 3D sex scenes with camera and speed settings, allowing for basic customization of the game's various encounters.

Intergalactic Ecstasy is a real-time 3D Adventure RPG where you play as Penny Patty Piper, a spunky space explorer who is as tough as she is horny. Penny fights her way through distant planets to collect the five Erotesian Stones, stopping to quench her thirst for sex at every opportunity. In order to “Earn” each of the Erotesian Stones, she must complete a Brazen Sexual Challenge to prove she is worthy of the prize.

Penny encounters all manner of aliens on her journey. Some want to kill her, some want to make her their next meal, and some want to share an epic sexual experience with her. Penny is ready for every challenge, and has no problem shooting her way through any alien enemy she may encounter.

Intergalactic Ecstasy combines Science Fiction Action-Shooter gameplay with an engaging, hot erotic story and realtime-3D sexual encounters where you control the view and the action. The story of Penny Patty Pipers intergalactic sexual exploits is a humor-filled, epic sexual journey through the sexy side of the universe.

Intergalactic Ecstasy is now available on Steam for $17.99. A free demo of the game can also be downloaded from the store page.

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