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Misha's incident, a slice-of-life mystery adventure by Zetlaff, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Misha's incident follows a dysfunctional young woman forced to make up for her utter lack of responsibility. About five years prior, Misha abandoned her home, stealing her mother’s credit card on her way out. Since then, she’s been living carelessly, eating take-out and playing online games all day. Whenever money would run short, she’d apply for another microloan on her mother’s card, but her luck eventually run dry.

The card was rejected, and Misha’s mother either helped the loan sharks find her or simply passed on, with the inheritance falling back on Misha without her realizing anything happened. Whichever the case, her utilities were cut and some dangerous types have started keeping an eye on her.

The first thing Misha does is run to a friend for help, and she soon receives it: Varya secures a job for her. Sadly, Misha’s too immature to maintain a day job and immediately begins to slack off. Guiding her through this troublesome period, players have to help Misha choose between work, the easy route of prostitution, or tempting side gigs that offer easy money for an unknown risk. Whether she wants to or not, Misha starts stumbling upon supernatural events, with events slowly creeping out of her control.

Misha, a 23-year-old girl without roots, morals, or a stable income, suddenly realizes she can't keep living off micro-loans forever, especially when debt collectors come knocking at her door. In her pursuit of wealth, she encounters a strange new world with peculiar organizations, people, and other beings.

Will you accept the challenge of this bizarre world or decide to sell your innocence, or perhaps seek more astonishing ways to make a living? Fate might await you in a random elevator or in tarot readings from a certain scammer…

You take on the role of Misha, a young girl whose main mission is to earn money to repay "unexpected" debts. Your actions are entirely up to you: engage in battles, search for valuable resources in the city, provide assistance to those in need, or even choose the path of selling yourself. The entire gameplay depends on your decisions. Explore and earn... Or face your own demise.

Misha's incident is now available on Steam for $9.99.

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