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The first episode of The Galactic Harem Handbook, XCentric's science fiction visual novel, is now available on Steam.

The Galactic Harem Handbook is the first installment of XCentric’s series of linear 3D visual novels. In this sci-fi adventure, you steal a spaceship with cloning technology and use it to become the emperor of the galaxy. From there, the story sees you beginning your conquest of planets, forcing their inhabitants to submit to you. These planets range from under-developed worlds and small isolated tribes, up to more advanced civilizations. Create an army of clones to take over these planets and build up our harem by any means.

All of your clones are connected, allowing you to conquer multiple planets at once. Players will experience the story through the main character and these different clones. The aliens you meet have their own strengths, weaknesses, and traits, providing each of them with special H-scenes with the main character. As you continue to spread your seed across the galaxy, you may come across those who are unwilling to accept you. Break any woman that defies you and cuck the men before killing them: the women who easily submit to you will be rewarded.

##Harness the power of cloning

Amass an army of loyal clones of yourself to aid in your quest for dominance. Build relationships, and navigate complex political landscapes to solidify your position as the supreme ruler of the galaxy. All your clones are linked to each other, allowing you to conquer multiple locations at once... or romance multiple ladies.

Immerse yourself in a visually stunning universe, brought to life with exquisite artwork and cosmic landscapes that evoke the grandeur of your galactic domain.

Prepare to conquer, seduce, and dominate as you ascend to the pinnacle of power. The galaxy awaits your command, and the fate of countless worlds lies in your hands. Can you master "The Harem Handbook" and establish your legacy as the ultimate Galactic Emperor?

This is Chapter 1 of an episodic series. Future chapters are coming soon!

You can purchase The Galactic Harem Handbook: Chapter 1 on Steam for $2.99. There is also a demo available, showcasing what kinks you could expect to see from the game.

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