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Sassy Girl, Hematite's harem visual novel about a man's experience at a tabloid, is now available on Steam Early Access.

Sassy Girl is a visual novel about an intelligent and capable young man who finds new employment with a gossip magazine, known as Sassy Girl. Raised by a single father, the protagonist never had it easy through his life. This new job serves as an opportunity for a better life, as well as a chance for him to find love.

Working at Sassy Girl, the protagonist is surrounded by women who quickly begin yearning for his attention. The cast involves Beatrice, a smart secretary who lacks ambitions of her own; the photographer Adele, who’s aggressive and temperamental, but respects assertive people; the TV actress Dorothy, who is dealing with family trouble; the promiscuous Janine, known for her creativity and a friendly attitude; ex-model and interviewer, Karen; and finally the team’s boss, Miriam, who seems to have a secretive past connected to the protagonist.

So far, the visual novel features over 75,000 words of storytelling with about 300 choices to make, multiple endings to experience, as well as 2,5000 images and 65 animations to see. Throughout the game's early access period, the story will be updated with new chapters.

The protagonist of this adult visual novel is a very intelligent young man who has suffered a lot in his life. MC was abandoned by his mother and was raised by his single father, a man who is very weak and too kind to survive in this hostile world.

One day, he receives a great opportunity that, if seized, will radically change his life for the better. He finds himself working for Sassy Girl, a gossip magazine in full crisis. This leads him to come into contact with various women, all extremely sexy and captivating in different ways.

Between MC and the beautiful girls, special and unique relationships will be formed. His life will change; he will be respected, appreciated, and sought after. Gradually, he will have the opportunity to create his harem or dedicate himself to just one of the girls. However, one of the women hides an incredible secret. Her past is closely connected to MC's. Who is this woman, really?

Sassy Girl, is a story with many thematic traits: comedy, drama, mystery, romance, and of course lots of eroticism, sex and rough sex.

Sassy Girl is now available on Steam for $9.99.

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