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Super Idol, an idol raising simulator, has been published on Steam by PlayMeow Games and ACG Creator.

In Super Idol, players follow Ethan Davis, a man who lost his father in a car accident and has become responsible for his little sister, Luna Davis. The two of them must rely on each other as they try to break into the pop music industry together. Luna is aiming to be the next pop sensation, while Ethan has his sights set on becoming a successful producer. Will he stay dedicated to the art of making music or use unsavory methods to help Luna rise to stardom? Can he protect her from all the terrors within the industry or will he drag her down to the depths of corruption? The answers to all of these questions depend not on himself, but on the choices made by the player.

Super Idol is divided into segments of three years, with six stages for each year. Players will be making choices that will direct the path of Ethan and Luna’s careers in the industry. Some of these choices include choosing a musical partner and deciding whether you want to prioritize your desires, ideals, or reality. As Ethan, players will be able to get with multiple characters. There's his sister, Luna; the chorus singers, Josie Ray and Shirley Lawson; the music producer, Daphne Briggs; and Little Candy, the singer. Super Idol contains thirty-six basic CGs and a word count of 200,000. The game also features five endings and four bad endings.

◆ Gameplay

The game is divided into three years, with six stages per year. Players will be faced with many choices, which will be able to influence their own destiny and that of their sister. Choose a partner between a legendary musician and a down-and-out singer, aim towards turning your sister into a super idol, choose from ideals, desires, and reality, and take your sister on a journey into the great music industry!

In the game, the eligible characters include your sister Luna, two chorus singers, Josie Ray and Shirley Lawson, music producer Daphne Briggs, and singer Little Candy. Depending on their choices, the player will also change the fate of their sister, Luna, and bring her to meet all kinds of people.

Whether to stick to the original goal of making good music, or to play with the hidden rules, or even to go beyond the boundary of siblings to live a life that breaks the taboo of the society, all will depend on the player's choices.

You can purchase Super Idol on sale from Steam for $10.19. After January 30th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $11.99.

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