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Driven Affairs, a slice-of-life visual novel centered on a chauffeur, is currently being developed by Naughty Algorithm.

Driven Affairs is a slice-of-life visual novel about the life of a young chauffeur moving around wealthy clients. Early on in the story, he meets two interesting women: July and Natalie. July is the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, struggling to make a name for herself. Everyone treats her less as an individual and more as a means to reach her father. On the other hand, Natalie seems to be just an ordinary fit girl on the surface, but has worked in fitness and modeling in the past.

Working alongside the two women as their driver, the chauffeur gets a peek into their everyday lives. He slowly forges a connection with them by offering consolation and advice for their daily troubles. July finally finds work in the porn industry, the one place her father’s shadow cannot follow her. This ends up letting the protagonist meet even more intriguing characters, including a very brazen actress and her demanding boss. Natalie, meanwhile, has to deal with trouble between her friends and husband. She offers the chauffeur to join her during workouts, as the two become friends soon afterwards.

The story of Driven Affairs is divided into branching chapters, granting opportunities to get involved with most of the game's heroines, including plenty of short hookups. Many erotic scenes are animated, and the developers have gone back to add motion into static CGs in the past.

Driven Affairs is being developed by the artist TEKU, programmer and designer MANITU, and scriptwriter gacorman70. Currently, the game already goes up to chapter five out of the six planned for the story, with the team hoping to reach a full release sometime this year.

Driven Affairs is available for PC, MAC and Linux for free on A Steam release is planned for the full version.

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