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夢中迷走’s RPG Maker Game, Demon’s GunPlay, Released on Steam

072 has published Demon’s GunPlay, a real-time action RPG where a man tries to escape a succubus’ world, on Steam.

Demon’s GunPlay is a fantasy action RPG where you must craft the items you need to defeat a succubus that has trapped you. In the game, you wake up in an unfamiliar place and discover that you are in another world, alone with a succubus. While she is extracting semen and lifeforce from your body, you will be trapped as long she remains in contact with you. Escape the succubus by defeating her within the succubus world before she’s done feeding off of you. It won’t be an easy task though — there are more succubi and other monsters who exist just to hunt you down.

Use a knife or gun against the succubi and avoid getting touched by any of them. If you do end up getting caught, an erotic pixel animation will play. You can craft a safehouse, weapons, and supplies with the materials that you find in the world. Prepare yourself with as many items as needed before going into battle or else the succubi will suck you dry. The succubi have claimed many victims in this world. Fortunately for you, some of them have left notes behind about how to beat the succubi. Use this information to your advantage.

To successfully clear the game, it's essential to manage your inventory wisely as every item is incredibly valuable. A single careless move could leave you without any items during crucial battles.

Various items are hidden in the dark corners of the map. By keeping your eyes wide open, you can gather plenty of supplies!

When surrounded by monsters, you don’t necessarily have to fight to the end;

Escape is the best strategy, tactical retreat is also an important skill.

In order to survive, explore every possible method to stay alive! Escape from this Succubus world!!

Demon’s GunPlay can be purchased on sale from Steam for $3.49. After January 26th, the sale will come to an end and the game will return to its original sales price of $4.99.

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