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Weekend Romance, a yuri visual novel by Margary Games, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Weekend Romance follows Margaret, a magician’s apprentice, on a romantic gateway with her girlfriend, the sorceress Arabelle. The two lively women were meant to spend some time together over the weekend, but Arabelle decides to spice things up this time around by bringing a pair of friends along. Both women find Margaret attractive, giving her the option to make the romantic weekend even more emotional.

The story in Weekend Romance features four heroines, including Margaret, each with her own fantastical background. The experience features multiple routes, allowing readers to navigate through the girl’s relationship through dialogue choices. Despite this, the experience consists mainly of sex scenes, with little narrative focus outside of eroticism. The themes in Weekend Romance are largely vanilla, with group sex and lesbian love taking center stage, though futanari artwork does appear in the latter parts of the short story. Players can also customize Margaret's appearance by choosing her outfits.

Weekend Romance unveils the weekend adventure between Margaret, a bubbly young sorcerer, and her more experienced lover, Arabelle. The plot thickens as two other women also find Margaret unresistible.

Pick your path carefully, as your decisions can aid Margaret in sweetening her weekend getaway. Choose your costume, tease your lover, and witness the impact of your choices as the narrative unfolds.


- A beautifully crafted anime-style visual novel.

- Mesmerizing storytelling peppered with choices to fit your playstyle.

- A more personalized experience with costume choices.

- Encounter a total of 4 main characters, each with their own unique backgrounds and narratives.

- Immerse your journey with soothing music and a wide array of sound effects.

- Collect various in-game achievements!

Weekend Romance is now available for PC and Linux on Steam for $4.99.

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