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For the Queen : Adventures of a Village Girl, DLC for Studio Ginkgo’s strategic eroge, is now available for purchase on Steam.

For the Queen : Adventures of a Village Girl is a short piece of DLC for Studio Ginkgo’s roguelike auto battler, For the Queen. The base game saw players taking control of a skeleton knight with no memories who is tasked with fighting humans and elves for the demon queen. If he was to follow her orders, there may be a chance to get his memories and real body back.

The title's DLC, For the Queen : Adventures of a Village Girl, follows the story of a nameless village girl and the demon, Aisha. Both of them have their own separate story, with the village girl’s being the longest. Her story is related to the ending of the main story, meaning it's ideal to complete the base game before playing her story. Her tale involves her being in prison, waiting for a hero; her rebellious spirit ends up getting the best of her, leading her to try escaping herself. Meanwhile, Aisha is always willing to help the skeleton knight, even if he continues to forget her. Her story is set during one day when she was personally training the skeleton knight.

In FOR THE QUEEN, you are a queen's skeleton knight, suffering from a memory loss.

You have to annihilate the villages of humans and elves according to your queen's will and regain your body and memory in this roguelike auto battler.

This DLC tells the story of the village girl and Aisha.

It features Aisha, who is always there to help you no matter how many times you forget, and a rebellious village girl waiting for the hero.

Check out their story and see the added H-scenes.

In addition, the prison inmates who follow the village girl are also added as a unit.

For the Queen : Adventure of a Village Girl can be purchased on Steam for $0.99. You will need the base game, For the Queen, in order to play the DLC, which is currently on sale for $2.79 until January 26th.

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