Fapping is more than just a game

Fantasy roguelike game Asmodeus Dungeon is available on DLsite and Itch.io.

Developed by the creator behind Red Room, MOTH, and Ran Away From Home, Short Hair Simp’s Asmodeus Dungeon is a roguelike RPG consisting of random dungeons. In the game, people have been getting sick and suddenly going unconscious. News stations report that it is a result of lewdness and sexual activity, but the Goddess Venus knows that the Demon Lord Asmodeus is the one actually behind it. She tries to fight Asmodeus on her own, but ends up falling into a trap. As a last resort, Venus transfers her powers to Vida, her current descendant in the human world, leaving it on Vida to defeat the Demon Lord.

To open the dungeon, Vida must perform a perverted action every time before entering, such as masturbating or having sex. Upon entering, you will be sent to one of the random maps where you have to navigate your way to the stairs to move on to the next dungeon. In each dungeon, you will find enemies, items, skills, core fragments and more. You will lose everything you earned in the dungeon once you leave — including any levels you gained in battle. Only money and items that you purchase outside of the dungeon will remain with you. Core fragments can be given to Venus to improve your stats permanently, so try to keep them on hand.

About Game :

- Adult-RPG/Turn-Base + Active Time Battle/Rougelite

- Weapons/Armors/Items/Level/Skills.......Disappears after leaving the dungeon.

- Some items will not disappear, especially items that can be purchased outside dungeon.

- You can increase your character stats, Don't worry about reset.

- 4 ending scenes.

- Dungeons/Monsters/Treasures will be random.

You can purchase Asmodeus Dungeon on Itch.io for $2.75 and on sale from DLsite for ¥396 (estimated $2.67 USD). After January 23rd, the sale will com to an end and the game will return to its usual ¥440 (estimated $2.97 USD). Additionally, a demo is available and can be found on both store sites.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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