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Hole Dweller, a sandbox RPG about drilling by Thigh High Games, is now available on Steam.

Hole Dweller is a sandbox RPG mixing a few genres and minigame formats into one sprawling title. Players take the role of a driller working at the behest of a mysterious entity, which dropped a drill onto a planet. The player’s job is to retrieve it using their own drilling machine and the help of various people they meet along the way.

The game plays out on a daily schedule composed of multiple phases. The first of them is exploration: players can move to a nearby tile on an overworld map, which will determine what resources they gather on that day. The map can later be exploited further by placing automated drills and villages on the tiles by spending said resources. Materials can also be used to upgrade the player's drill.

The drill can be managed after the travel phase. Here, players can purchase upgrades as well as interact with NPCs. Various characters may approach the player when their conditions are met and will ask for space on the vehicle. NPCs can be of any gender, including futanari, as well as be either kemonomimi or full-blown furries of various species. Up to two characters can be invited into the player’s squad, which will cause them to help during drilling, and allow them to level up.

Drilling can be performed once each day and takes the form of an arcade game. The drill automatically moves alongside a grid, destroying blocks in its path. Players can direct it to either side to change the course and aim for more beneficial tiles. Some will waste the drill’s fuel, while others provide resources, heals, or experience bonuses. Combat tiles will transfer the player to a real-time RPG battle. Characters in the party will attack on their own, as their initiative replenishes, and can be directed to use special skills at the cost of energy. Enemies attack by shooting projectiles at the cursor, forcing the player to manage their team while avoiding attacks.

The player’s goal is to drill to the bottom of each level to gain a part of the lost drill, until it can be reconstructed. Along the way, they can spend time with the heroines, speaking with them and gifting them items to unlock animated sex scenes. All erotic encounters rely on sprite animations, with a variety of classic and kinky poses, including bondage and milking. Characters can also be asked to engage with one another. Relations generate another key resource, which helps further improve the player’s machine.

Hole Dweller is now available on Steam for $7.99. In the past, the game also released on, where an older build can be downloaded for free.

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