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Playmeow Games and ACG creator has published Giver’s visual novel, Elf Boss’s Dog Training, on Steam.

Elf Boss’s Dog Training is a visual novel where a man must act as an elf’s dog if he wants to improve his social standing. In the story, women are born superior to men and are considered to be God’s creatures. Meanwhile, men are regarded as animals that evolved from horny dogs. Unable to control their sexual urges, they are destined to kneel down to women. As a man, you were told this your entire life, but you don’t want to live in such a world. In order to change your status, you joined the Empress Group, the number one company in the world and a “man’s paradise.”

The Empress Company accepted you into their training program, but it wasn’t what you expected. Instead of improving your knowledge to work in a company, they trained to increase your libido. Elufu, your beautiful elven supervisor, is in charge of your training and promises to help you through it. In time, you watch as your fellow trainees degenerate into horny dogs, date their superiors, or rebel against the humiliating training. Why does the Empress Group insist on this training, and just how did the world become like this? Will you be able to achieve a better social status, or are you doomed to remain a lowly dog?


There are multiple options in the main storyline, and each choice will affect the final ending.

The development of the plot will gradually open the explorable area. [Think] can provide a hint for the main line. The protagonist needs to explore each area according to all the previous experience, discovering the truth of the world.

◆Game features

◇18 basic CGs, including more than 700 differentials

◇90,000 words of game text

◇One main female character

◇Reasoning plot and boss conditioning theme games

◇Game ending: 9 kinds

You can purchase Elf Boss’s Dog Training on sale from Steam for $6.79. After January 23rd, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $7.99.

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