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RashRascal Has Published Spirit Echoes - Caitsith on Itch.io

Erotic event-finding game Spirit Echoes - Caitsith is available on Itch.io.

Spirit Echoes - Caitsith is a simple exploration and event finding game where you play as the titular character, Caitsith. Besides collecting events, you can enter dungeons where you must collect ten spirits to form a spirit orb as numerous enemies try to assault you. There are plenty of ways for Caitsith to get assaulted hidden around the island. Can you find them all?

The combat is dependent on where enemies attack Caitsith. If they are on her left or right, they will grab her arms; if they attack her from behind, they can ambush her; and if they attack her from the front, Caitsith can automatically kill her attakers. Caitsith has three attack points, with each point refreshing after a second. Even if she is attacked from behind or the sides, she can still use her attack points to fight back, but once she runs out, she will be stuck waiting for the cooldown. Once Caitsith’s health is too low, her clothes will be torn off, leaving her naked until you buy another outfit from the tailor.

Welcome to Spirit Echoes - Caitsith

It's a simple Erotic Game where you can explore an Island and look for Erotic Events. It has a simplified Combat. You run into Enemies and hit them automatically. If you run out of Action Points (AP) they'll grab you. Your AP still regenerate during Grab Time. With enough AP a Counterstrike is possible. If you don't have enough AP, you can delay the Enemy's Action during Grap Time.

The Main Protagonist is Fan Art of one of the RPG Maker Assets. Huge Shout-Outs to my Friend Eros420_. He put way too much Effort into the Artworks for a Game like this.

You can download Spirit Echoes - Caitsith from Itch.io for free.

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