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Fallenreaper767 Is Making Promiscuous Pinball DX, Now Available on

Promiscuous Pinball DX, a pinball game by Fallenreaper767, is now available for free on

Promiscuous Pinball DX is a pinball game mixed with a dating sim. Players receive an invitation from a heroine to visit her for some alone time. The entire evening, from flirting to the various stages of intercourse, is then portrayed through a game of pinball. The board itself reflects the erogenous zones on the girl’s body. As players increase their score, so does the date itself advance. The goal being to earn the date’s full pleasure score before running out of balls. The date’s progress can be affected by striking specific pins on the board to take care of the player’s speed and stamina, as well as to stimulate the heroine.

Kait, a stout and forward girl, is currently the only available character. As players progress through the date, they will reach checkpoints which provide additional balls, as well as tear the heroine's clothing. Eventually, an x-ray shows the heroine's insides, both portraying the action, and putting additional pressure on the player to keep up the speed and stamina of the protagonist by effectively managing the board.

Whether the date is successful or not, the player is rewarded with relationship points and coins. The latter can be spent on upgrades which prevent ball loss, increase the likelihood of gaining bonus score or PP, as well as reducing stamina drain and increasing the player’s multiball cap, allowing for multiple balls to be played at once. Most of the upgrades have multiple tiers, assuring players that eventually, they’ll be able to win the game regardless of their skill at pinball.

Promiscuous Pinball DX is available for free on The game is still in development and may receive updates in the future.

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