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Kagura Games has published SweetRaspberry’s fantasy RPG Incubus Quest on Steam, Kagura Games, and GOG.

Incubus Quest is a fantasy RPG by SweetRaspberry, the developer of Syndrome of Death. In the world of Alvarez, succubi and incubi have been at war for many years. Until the succubi launched a surprise attack on the incubi in Lugrand, nearly exterminating them all. Shadow, the weakest incubus in existence, was able to escape the massacre after awakening to a mysterious power. As he is too weak to fight armies of succubi on his own, he teleports to a different world known as Ardia to get stronger and find allies. Unfortunately, Shadow’s training won’t be easy, since even humans are able to defeat him.

Traverse Ardia and build up your army before returning to Lugrand to take on the succubi. There are many foes to fight and, even if you are weak in the beginning, you can still use your enemies’ weaknesses against them. If you are defeated, the enemy will rape you. When you aren’t out there fighting, you can enjoy other activities throughout the different towns of Ardia. Go to the casino, bath house, and secret laboratory to get even stronger and earn money. There are also customization options for Shadow, his allies, and the enemies. You can choose if Shadow is circumcised or not, give him cat ears, as well as unlock other costumes and accessories for him to wear.

As one of the two survivors of the incubi and the weakest of them all, Shadow must embark on a journey in another world and train extensively before he can hope to mount a resistance against the enemy succubi.

Learn to handle yourself and your foes through many battles. You're weak, but that doesn't mean you're powerless! Battles are as much a conversation as a fight, and you must control the ebb and flow to come out on top by using different skills depending on your current foe's inclinations. Pick your fights based on your current strengths and overcome every roadblock.

Many foes await you, but the world of Ardia has many weaker targets spread across its wilderness areas and the three main cities. Being defeated isn't a problem thanks to your newly awakened power, but actually defeating the enemy may be another matter entirely. Battle as many people as you can and grow stronger before returning to Alvarez to take the fight to the succubi!

You can purchase Incubus Quest on sale from Kagura Games, Steam, and GOG for $11.99. The sale on Steam ends on January 19th, and the one on GOG ends on January 24th. Once they are over, the game’s price will return to its original $14.99 pricing. If you plan to buy the game from Steam, don’t forget to download the uncensored patch from Kagura Games. Additionally, GOG has the unrated patch available separately, for free.

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