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San Soku Space published giant girl shooting game Mega Hero in Early Access on Steam.

Mega Hero is a 3D action eroge where aliens have created giant girls to destroy the city. Your job is to shoot off their clothes and gather energy so that you can transform and become giant too. As a giant, you will be able to fight on a level playing ground, but it is only for a limited time, so defeat her before time runs out. To help you during the battle, you can learn new combat skills, upgrade your abilities, and collect better weapons by killing minions that a giantess sends out.

When you transform, you will be able to do enough damage to tear the giant girl’s clothes off and decrease her health bar. After defeating her, an interactable sex scene will play where you can change her clothing, adjust the camera, and choose what actions to do.

San Soku Space expects the Mega Hero to leave early access after three-to-six months and, when it is officially released, the sales price will be increased. Currently, this game has two levels, two giant girls, six outfits, and six body types. By the time it is finished, the game will have a full achievement system, more clothing, and more sexual positions.


Skills / Upgrading / Treasure Hunting


Learn new combat skills.

Or upgrading your body's abilities.

or picking up better weapons in the game.

All of which will give you a better edge in battle.


Transform / Defeat / Make Love


H-scene after transforming into a giant hero and defeating a giant girl.

You can freely change the clothes and accessories of the giant girl.

You can change the angle of the camera to view the scene.

You can purchase the early access version of Mega Hero on sale from Steam for $8.99. After January 18th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $9.99.

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