...the fuck?

072 Project has published the stealth combat RPG Maker game Fleshlight Squad - Fleshlightize - on Steam.

Fleshlight Squad - Fleshlightize - is a spy story where an agent must infiltrate a factory to stop an illegal organization. In 20XX, a group that's a part of the black market established the illegal organization “Onahole Factory.” This organization would kidnap women and use them as onaholes. Despite their countless crimes, they were able to continue developing more factories and continue their business practices without getting caught.

A group of women want to see an end to these factories so they established the OLS organization, a group made up of victims of the Onahole Factory and women who hate men. You will be playing as Rei Kurusikawa, an agent of OLS with extraordinary strength. She needs to infiltrate the Onahole Factory as the Onahole Warrior TYPE1 to kill important managers at the factory and rescue the victims.

In the game, there are three factories Rei will be infiltrating: the abandoned factory, the western tavern, and ???. Each of these three factories have their own way of managing their human onaholes and if Rei is captured, she will experience this treatment firsthand.

The abandoned factory is open to the public so men can use the captured women there as much as they please. There would be no rest or end to their violation. The western tavern is an establishment where you can wine, dine, and admire onaholes. Instead of using the onaholes, like those at the abandoned factory, the people here would rather use toys on them and see their reactions. ??? is a factory only for special personnel and VIPs. No one knows what happens to the captives here, but the factory does experiment on them and sell large scale onaholes that can move on their own.

● Rich Ero events

Women who are caught in this world will become Onaholes who are at men's mercy.

There are events like imprisonment, glory holes, orgies, and more waiting for you to discover.

● Gacha System

Use Gacha to get super weapons and teach those stinky men a lesson!

● Surrender Function

Everyone knows what will happen to a defeated agent, right!

You can purchase Fleshlight Squad - Fleshlightize - on sale from Steam for $12. 74. After January 19th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $14.99.

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