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Start your own camgirl and escort service to pay for rent in the escort management simulator Sugar Service.

Sugar Service is a management simulator where two roommates start an adult business partnership to pay for rent. The main character, Romeo, just lost his job and his roommate Juliet can’t get a job. Their last roommates moved out and they are unable to pay for their four room apartment. With no other options available to them, they decided to start a joint business venture in the adult industry. Juliet will be running a camgirl agency and getting two more girls to room with them and join the agency. Romeo will start his own sugarbaby service with a subscription option for more intimate experiences.

The game has a daily system and time passes after performing an action. The sugarbaby application will receive requests after each time period. Four requests will appear with four difficulty levels and ones with a high difficulty will provide a bigger payout. When you spend time with a client, you will be playing a rock-paper-scissors type of card battle against them. You have to break your client’s heart cage by decreasing their points to zero. The number attached to each card shows how much damage is done. If cards have the same symbol, but different values, the card with the highest number will win. There is also a special bird card that has no strengths or weaknesses, but gives you the chance to either heal yourself or attack your opponent. If you win the battle, you will get paid and get the chance to receive a bonus, but if you lose, the client won’t pay you.

Including Juliet, there are three camgirls working for the agency. You collect 50% of their earnings and use the money to either help your business or invest in their streaming activities. The investments can earn more money as well as unlock new outfits and more bonding events. You will also be dating the clients who sign up for the VIP subscription to your sugarbaby service. Buy the girls gifts and garner their trust through the card battle to gain their affection.

As of right now, there are five romanceable characters, animated H-scenes, and plenty of game mechanics. Buy card packs to improve your deck and increase your stats to get bonuses. You can either pay to level up each of your stats or purchase clothing that will adjust them. Romeo can wear a hat, top, pants, and accessories. The effects of each item will stack, so try to find the best combination for each situation.

PRIMARY Fetishes - This is what the entire game is revolved around.

- Free Use

- Harem

- Exhibitionism

- Voyeurism

- Escorts & Camgirls

- Friends to Lovers / Slow Burn Romance

SECONDARY Fetishes - This is what some characters involve.



- Femdom

- Vanilla

- Cosplay

- Public


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