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Winter Memories, a life simulator by Dojin Otome, has been published by Kagura Games on Steam. GOG, and their own storefront.

Winter Memories is a life simulator that follows a student spending his winter break at his cousin’s small town. The game is a direct sequel to Summer Memories and follows the same gameplay formula, continuing when the first entry ended.

Previously, the protagonist charmed the caring Miyuki and her two daughters, the laid-back Rio and the timid Yui, creating a harem behind their father’s back. Half a year later, they invite the protagonist to spend the winter with them, and after he arrives, they soon start seeking opportunities to have naughty fun.

The protagonist does have other responsibilities as well, with chores to take care of and other people from the city to catch up with. The game uses both time and stamina systems, with winter break only lasting for 18 days. Each day, the protagonist has a limited amount of stamina to spend on various activities. Available options depend on the current time of day, as NPCs move according to their schedules.

Aside from learning and playing with the three heroines, the player can go out on walks, purchase items from the playful Shizuku, or train with the P.E teacher Kagami. Most activities involve minigames, especially during the winter festival period. Completing tasks builds affection with the heroines and creates new memories, which can be spent to unlock skills that either provide new opportunities, make the game more comfortable to play, or unlock new positions during sex scenes.

Winter Memories is now available on Steam, GOG and Kagura Games for$15.99 until January 12th, at which point it will cost $19.99. Adult content needs to be installed separately with a patch for the Steam version, or a DLC for the GOG release.

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