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The Wreck of the Spaceship Todoroki, a sci-fi survival horror by natyusyo, has received an AI translation on DLsite.

The Wreck of the Spaceship Todoroki is a 2D sci-fi survival horror game. Players control Izumi, a voluptuous woman who applied for work at a space development company together with John. For their final test, they were meant to perform a routine space flight, only for the spaceship to malfunction during the flight. They end up crashing into a much larger vessel: the research ship, Todoroki.

To release their ship, the pair is forced to step onto Todoroki, where they discover the vessel to be a secret lab, floating in space away from planetary governments. Exploring the empty hallways of seemingly derelict ships, Izumi comes across an unusual man who attacks her. After running away, she eventually finds out she’s come in contact with something classified as the "mysterious being X". She’s now being influenced by the creature, with the effects of exposure continuously making her lustful and sexually frustrated. There is a cure, but Izumi only has access to one of three necessary doses, forcing her to venture deeper into the research lab to find the remaining injections.

Most of The Wreck of the Spaceship Todoroki centers on exploration, with players seeking key items needed to unlock passage into further levels of the ship. Occasionally, players will have to escape from X or other dangers, but the game doesn't involve any combat or major stealth mechanics. As Izumi’s lust increases, she may try to get help from John or the station’s androids to help relieve her needs. There are 18 base CGs to discover, with some playing out as part of the narrative and others serving as optional finds.

It was their final test before employment at a certain space development company...

Izumi and John experience some trouble with their small spacecraft, and it collides with a rather large vessel. In order to free their own ship, the pair has to board the larger one... which turns out to be the Todoroki, a craft used for secret experiments.

Anyone who comes into contact with "Mysterious Being X" will require 3 injections to ward off its influence. Luckily Izumi has one, but to find the other two, the pair will need to explore the Todoroki thoroughly. But a side effect of the injections is that Izumi starts to get hornier...

- Big tits and big butts!

- Super tight suits!

- Pregnancy and big bellies!

- Fully-nude sex!

- Pose art H-scenes!

The Wreck of the Spaceship Todoroki is available on DLsite for $9.92 (estimated from ¥1,430), while the game's new AI translation patch can be downloaded for free.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to a Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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