Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

The Moth, a fantasy yaoi visual novel about mythical forces at war in the city, is under development.

In The Moth, you step into the shoes of Derek, a police officer who gets called into a grisly murder scene where a man was found with a large hole burned through his chest. The man was identified as Regan Berk, a college professor. After inspecting his phone to find any suspicious text messages, Derek finds a conversation between the victim and his friend Liam about something called “The Spear of Lug.” This murder case would expose Derek to a world of vampires, witches, and other nonhumans that will completely change his view on reality.

The game features multiple choice mechanics and minigames. Choices you make will change the course of the story, how a character interacts with you, decide which sides you take, whether you survive a life-threatening dilemma, and the fate of the world. Minigames include point-and-click investigations and time sensitive games where you need to press bubbles before time runs out. Successfully doing the bubble game is crucial to getting more information, but, if you fail, you will miss out on it and get a CG instead.

The world is not as it seems.

Mysterious forces exist right under our noses, waging a bloody war, the outcome of which could end the world as we know it: demonic legions, self-proclaimed defenders of order, enigmatic witches, clans of different non-humans, as well as horrors that you can't even imagine...

And I knew nothing about it.

For me, it was a normal day when the duty officer called me to a brutal murder scene. And that day changed everything...


- Significant variability. Your choices affect the attitudes of characters towards you, your choice of sides, your survival, and even the fate of the entire world;

- Vibrant visual style;

- A multitude of diverse characters;

- Various explicit erotic|sex scenes;

- Dynamic plot and mini-games;

- Well-described lore and characters.

You can download the 0.1 build of The Moth on Itch.io. If you enjoyed the game and want access to version 0.2, consider checking out Silksworm ™’s Patreon.

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