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Dedan-1 Is Working on Erotic Horror Game Dianthus - The Mark of Lust

Uncover the truth behind a man’s death and mass disappearances in the RPG Maker game Dianthus - The Mark of Lust.

In Dianthus - The Mark of Lust, you will be playing as Aaron, a promising new detective for the Denton Police Department. He has been assigned to investigate the death of a councilor in Trighbon Township. He was found dead in his home, but the local police weren’t allowed to investigate. Mark, a local councilor and Aaron’s superior, has tasked Aaron with leading an investigation to find out what really happened and retrieve a silver cross, which is said to be hidden somewhere in the mansion.

When Aaron and his team arrived in Trighbon Township, they found that there was something wrong with the town itself. The homes were filled with trash, the tap water is contaminated, teenagers have gone missing, and the only townspeople left are aggressive and attack without explanation. What horrors await Aaron at the end of his investigation?

In this game, you will be solving simple puzzles, searching for clues, and fighting enemies. Some areas will be completely pitch black and require the use of your flashlight. Your vision will still be limited though, so be careful of enemies lurking in the dark. There are two forms of combat that you can use: melee and ranged. At your disposal for weapons are a combat knife with unlimited uses and guns that require ammo. Additionally, you'll be able to collect materials from around the map for crafting ammo, medicine, and more.

Aaron is the newest detective for the Denton police department and has been working under Don Augustine, a senior detective preparing for retirement.

Aaron has shown a lot of promise to become a very successful detective, but his skills will be tested after word spreads of a councilors death. Local police were forbidden from entering the councilors home and suspicions begin to rise.

Despite warnings from state police to stay away, a group of young crime solvers decide to investigate the area themselves.

Aaron is sent to lead the investigate and find out what exactly happened as well as retrieve a certain "item" at the request of Mark, who is also a local councilor and Aaron's Superior.

What exactly will he find? What happened to the councilor and the town? There's only one way to find out!

You can download the prototype build of Dianthus - The Mark of Lust for free on

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