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Criminal Border 2nd Offence, the next part of Purple Software’s erotic criminal drama, is now available for pre-order on MangaGamer and Johren.

Criminal Border 2nd Offence follows the crazy life of Itsuki Ninomae, a shut-in video editor who accidentally created an addictive pornographic video. His creation, dubbed "the cybernetic drug", proved tantalizing to Rin Akinashi, a school friend who’s been secretly organizing illegal schemes to make easy money. Having friends related to the yakuza, she quickly built an A-team around Itsuki’s new creation, hoping to make good money off it; however, the plan has since backfired. After an unfortunate accident, the team ends up owing millions to the criminals.

In the previous entry, Itsuki became a friend with benefits to Hina Yorozuya, an escort working under Rin. When the trio becomes indebted to the yakuza, Rin initially plans to run away, as her involvement with the project was mostly secretive. Hina persuades her to stay with them, though, and the group starts looking for a way out of their trouble together.

The yakuza boss they owe their money to also has a daughter: Kotoko Teshigawara. She’s a year older than Itsuki and even attends the same school. Kotoko was the reason that Rin was able to work out a deal with the yakuza to peacefully sell the electronic drug in the first place. If they can somehow gain Kotoko’s support, perhaps they could weasel their way out of the debt.

Despite being the daughter of a mob boss, Kotoko is still a moral girl and wants to help out Itsuki of her own will. She’s inexperienced in adult matters and happens to be a bit of an outsider, with few friends. The most reliable of them, Meryl Hathaway, is a clear-headed girl who managed to win the Yakuza’s respect despite her frail appearance. It’s up to Itsuki to gain their support and settle the team’s debt. Criminal Border 2nd Offence marks the middle point of a planned trilogy of visual novels.

Criminal Border 2nd Offence is now available for pre-order on MangaGamer for the promotional price of $11.96, where it will later cost $14.95, as well as on Johren for $11.99, where it will later cost $14.99. The visual novel is scheduled for release on March 31st, but the date is subject to change. Once released, the game will also be available on Steam.

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