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The latest build of Ero Dungeons, Madodev’s dungeon crawler about sexual corruption, is now playable on

Ero Dungeons is a roguelike, fantasy dungeon crawler in which players become leaders of a newly established guild for female adventurers. The player’s task is to pick the best-suited candidates to venture into dungeons under their banner and guide them through their excursions.

Ero Dungeons is comprised of two main elements: guild management and the dungeon crawling itself. The guild is where players can recruit new adventurers, as well as upgrade them. Various buildings can be constructed to help raise the stats and abilities of the party, as well as to help them recover from damage and any ailments that still linger after dungeons.

The game's dungeons are randomly generated but adhere to a set of themes and categories, such as the ratkin forests or mechanized labs, each with a set list of traps and potential foes. Players compose a party of up to four team members and budget their adventuring gear before the mission starts. Each dungeon is made up of a grid of encounter rooms, which can include combat, as well as various traps and interactive events. Navigating from room to room uncovers more of the dungeon until the party finds a way out.

During combat, both parties stand in line facing each other. Players can equip each heroine with up to five skills, most of which have specific conditions, such as the spot in line from where they can be used, or which placements on the opponent’s line they can target. Some skills deal damage, while others can apply different effects or change positioning.

Enemy attacks can either harm the heroines or increase their lust, with most attacks also deteriorating the character’s equipment — including their clothing. As fights become more intense, the heroines may develop quirks or fetishes, which affect their stats and how they interact with certain enemies or attacks. Losing health also doesn’t result in the heroine's death; from that point on, she might be kidnapped any time she’s attacked. Kidnapped heroines can later be saved through rescue missions, though they may become corrupted by the enemy during their time away.

The eroticism in Ero Dungeons comes from the game's fetishistic selection of equippable items, a lewd gallery of enemies, and a slow, general corruption of the player’s guild. The heroine’s appearance is randomized, with their body proportions and sexual preferences influencing character stats.

Ero Dungeons is available for free for PC, Mac, and Linux on You can support the game’s development and get early access to future updates on Madodev’s Patreon.

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