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Rookie Guard and the Queen, oneLegNinja's fantasy adventure game, now available for purchase on Itch.io.

Rouge, Rookie Guard and the Queen is an adventure game developed by oneLegNinja — the creator behind Millie's Adventure and Wetdream special —in which a guard-in-training learns of the queen’s secret. The game follows Royd, a young soldier who was recently promoted to the position of palace guard after passing his exam. For a one month, he would be placed under a probation period wherein he had to prove that he was suitable for the position. If he failed to meet their expectations, he would be promptly demoted back to a foot soldier. When Royd was patrolling the palace at night, he witnessed the queen’s dark secret. After this discovery, he was roped into joining in her perverse practices, changing the course of Royd’s life forever.

The game involves balancing your duties as a palace guard and your relationship with the queen. Players will have to complete their daily tasks to work towards passing the guard evaluation, as well as satisfy the queen’s desires by finding new ways to play with her. There are also multiple endings and CGs to collect, in addition to minigames that can be played with just one hand. The endings depend on how much of your work you can get done during probation, as well as the queen's affection level.

Game Features

- Multiple endings with illustrations

- Customizable character

- Various mini-games that can be play with just one hand

- Pixel animations

- Hardcore Sex(Make sure you read the mature content warning before purchasing)

Mature Contents

- Frequent sex scene

- Hardcore sexual acts

- Sexual acts involving fantasy elements

- Exaggerated body parts

- Full nudity

- Body modifications

- Unrealistic anatomy

- Sex in public

- Group sex

Rookie Guard and the Queen is available on PC and Android. You can purchase the game for $6.99 on Itch.io.

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