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The latest build of Learn the Heart, Beepbopdubi's sprite-based slice-of-life dating sim, is playable on Itch.io.

Learn the Heart is a dating sim with a classic premise: the protagonist has lost his job and was forced to return to his hometown. It just so happens that at the time of this transpiring, his parents were away from home on a trip. In the end, he has to get back on his feet by himself while looking after the house. It's at this time that a childhood friend knocks on the door, having heard of his return, and decides to reconnect with him.

The game follows the protagonist’s daily life as he tries to find a girlfriend. The player’s goal is to invite various heroines out on dates throughout town, taking them to the park, beach, mall, hitting the docks or visiting the library. Each date location has several activities to choose from, which take the form of minigames. By performing well in them, as well as providing appropriate answers in dialogue with the heroines, players can grow their affection and eventually become their partners.

There are six heroines in Learn the Heart, including a tired store clerk, an air headed library worker, a lifeguard, and the hero’s childhood friend, among others. After entering into a relationship with one of the girls, players can lead her to various areas throughout town for sex. Many animated scenes are already available in the current build, from standard love-making at home to more public excitements at the park or the mall.


You travel back home after quitting your stressful job. One of your neighbors visits you, and it turns out to be your childhood friend.


Learn the Heart is a dating sim RPG. Experience the game by exploring the main character's hometown, dating a partner, playing minigames, learning about the partner's story, and making use of the feature-rich H-mode.


Call your chosen partner and take her out on a date. Impress her by giving her gifts and playing minigames with her.


Play date minigames and reach the minigames goal to impress her even more. Each location has its own unique minigames to play.


Each partner has their own unique stories. Learn about them and get to know them better.


Make use of a feature-rich H-mode with features including Camera zoom with movement, X-ray, a Male Transparency Slider, Speed adjustments, Immerse and Perspective. Each sex position is mostly unique and has three states: Movement, Climax, and Rest.

You can play the latest free build of Learn the Heart on Itch.io. The game is being made by a solo developer, beepbopdubi. You can support his work and get early access to future builds on Patreon.

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