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Adventures of a mimic, a side-scrolling action puzzle game, is being developed by Vulgar Fairy.

Adventures of a mimic takes place in a world once on the brink of a peaceful resolution to its eternal war between man and demon. The latest demon queen wanted to establish peace between the two sides, living side-by-side with humans. While her intentions sounded good and pure, the human leaders didn’t want demons — especially succubi — roaming human settlements. Fearful that with no virgins around, they’d no longer see mages in their midst, the humans betrayed the queen’s trust and sealed her in a magical stone, leaving her servants abandoned.

Before their act of betrayal, an ordinary human was reincarnated into the body of a mimic. Finding the turn of events hilarious, the demon queen gave him her blood, allowing the mimic to become a proper changeling. Her blood also had the side-effect of making other demons willing to listen to the mimic. Owing a debt of gratitude to the queen, the mimic departs on a quest to release her from her seal.

Adventures of a mimic is divided into multiple open-ended levels with various goals to accomplish within them. Players are given the ability to mimic various props throughout the level, as well as transform into different creatures. Tasks can involve anything from raping roaming women, and fighting against guards, to corrupting a saint by stealing their likeness and producing lewd dreams. Completing tasks slowly unfolds more of the story, as the mimic and his succubus partner come up with new plans for corrupting the kingdom.

This story, the main character is reborn into a mimic! And he ends up in the service of the demon queen. After the queen was betrayed and sealed away, only he can save her... Can he return to his human form and save the queen?

This is a re-upload of the game, since the entire concept and all controls have been redone, a new task and location have been added.

The latest build of Adventures of a mimic is available for free on To support the project or gain early access to future releases, you can pledge to Vulgar Fairy's SubscribeStar or Patreon.

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