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SiestaTeam Is Developing The Countryboy Who Couldn’t Keep the Ladies Away!

A young boy goes to the countryside to spend the summer in visual novel style simulator game The Countryboy who couldn’t Keep the Ladies Away!

The Countryboy who couldn’t Keep the Ladies Away! is a simulator game where you play as Hiroto, a shy boy going to school in the city. For summer vacation, his parents planned to send him to live with his aunt and cousin. He was originally excited for this, as his friend was supposed to be coming with him, but he told Hiroto he couldn’t come due to illness. It was an understandable excuse, but his mood dampened when he found a picture on social media of his friend at a party that he wasn’t invited to. If his friends are going to betray him like that, he’ll just spend his summer alone.

After arriving at his aunt’s house, Hiroto was served a meal and began playing video games with his cousin, Rika. When a package was dropped off outside the house, he took it inside. Assuming it was Rika’s, he opened it, took out a strange looking energy drink, and drank it. Later on, Rika would come into the room and ask what that nice smell is. Hiroto has no clue what she is talking about, but before he could act, she pushed him down saying, “It’s you… you give off this… strange scent…”

This simulator has love interests, minigames, and fixed camera angles. While most of the game is from a third-person view, Yamagushi’s shop is a first-person viewpoint. As you explore the world, you must keep watching the hydration meter. Every time you walk, the meter will decrease and, if it reaches zero, you will get a game over. Keep hydrated by using drinking fountains and faucets. You can spend time with your love interests and get CGs from event areas. There are currently forty-five CGs and three love interests, but SiestaTeam plans to have more than ten in the game.

"Hiroto, a shy young man unhappy with his life in the city, will end up moving to a small country house with his aunt and his cousin for summer vacation. There he will meet again many childhood friends and also new people, but some strange reason, girls will not be able to resist his newfound charm... What other secrets does this small town keep?"

You can download a build of The Countryboy who couldn’t Keep the Ladies Away! on

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