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Divine Dawn, Cryswar's visual novel fantasy RPG, is currently in development and available on

Divine Dawn is a fantasy adventure RPG built in the visual novel engine. The game takes place in a medieval world seemingly at peace. The story’s protagonist and his tomboy friend, Sam, both wanted to become heroes when they grew up, but their dreams seemed unlikely: there’s just no need for a hero, with most of their daring adventures boiling down to hunting boars. This changes when they encounter undead swine and eventually fiddle with an odd magical apparatus. transporting the hero into an interdimensional temple.

The temple was once a gateway to the human world but was sealed hundreds of years ago. At that point, two succubi and an angel were stuck inside. They’re all shocked to find that the war between angels and demons seemingly ended in their absence, or at least became so secretive to the point that the hero had never heard of it. The unlikely trio has to team up with the protagonist for them to break outside. Once they’re free, the question remains: why were those three sealed inside and how did the ancient kingdoms they fought for fall into obscurity? With a clearly malevolent force at work, it seems that the protagonist might get his chance to become a hero just yet.

Divine Dawn is largely a kinetic visual novel, though the title offers some choices that could impact the heroines’ affinity towards the protagonist or otherwise allow players to express their personality. Aside from its humorous and occasionally sarcastic storytelling, the game aims to offer a deep, turn-based combat system. Players can choose from a set of classes or create their own, with access to many types of weapons and spells to experiment with. As the game lacks any sort of non-linear or open-world exploration, all fights take place as part of the narrative.

The latest build of Divine Dawn features a story spanning around 460,000 words, providing for an estimated 20-30 hours of playtime. The game is still in active development and sees regular updates.

The latest build of Divine Dawn is now available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android on for $11.99. You can also download a free demo from the store page.

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