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Dai Sengoku Rance, a massive fan-made expansion for Sengoku Rance, has been approved by TADA and Alicesoft.

Dai Sengoku Rance is a mod created by Tsuchise Yasohachi, who goes by the online handle DSG. A long-time fan of the franchise, he worked on further expanding his favorite entry, the 4X sim RPG Sengoku Rance, adding new content and stories in his spare time. The amount of effort he put into expanding the game's world eventually attracted the attention of series creator, TADA. On his request, the series' developer, Alicesoft, provided express approval for the mod, allowing for its public release.

The base game for the mod, Sengoku Rance, features a fan-favorite anti-hero in the spotlight, with Nobunaga Oda as his secret commander, helping his clan win the ongoing war in JAPAN. The game sees the player commanding not just Rance, but also the nation under his control. Players take turns developing facilities, recruiting armies, attacking territories, and exploring dungeons. The story of the game slowly unfolds in the background, providing several branching paths that feature Rance fighting against a demon lord or allying with a beautiful sword saint, among others. The game is known for its depth of strategic play, as well as massive amounts of content and great writing.

Hundreds of hours of content seem to not be enough for some players, as DSG has expanded the story of Sengoku Rance with nearly one million additional characters of text. The new story in Dai Sengoku Rance serves as a ‘what if’ sequel to the original game. Instead of leaving the nation in search of a solution to the game’s cliffhanger ending, Rance remains JAPAN’s warlord and expands his campaign to the continental map.

The new mod introduces over 100 additional characters from the series, such as members of Leazas, Pencilcow, or the AL Church, among others. There are 50 new items to find and 500 events to experience, with DSG currently still at work expanding the mod. There are also new systems to play around with, including the ability for multiple commanders to take part in one battle by combining their regimens, and faster forms of warfare. The mod also features various quality-of-life changes, such as support for 16:9 resolution, keyboard shortcuts, and an overall improvement to the speed of battles.

The only apparent shortcoming of the mod is its inability to account for all the original game’s endings. As a result, some dead characters may inexplicably return to life during the new story chapters, depending on the player’s past choices.

Dai Sengoku Rance is available for download on TADA’s blog. The mod was made in Japanese, and there are no translation efforts we know of at the moment. In his blog post, TADA specifies that this will be the only time they provide this kind of approval. Even if larger fan projects appear, Alicesoft doesn't plan to show this same level of support in the future.

The base game, Sengoku Rance, has been released in English and is currently half off on JAST USA, where you can buy it for $15.72, and it will later cost $31.45. You can also buy it on MangaGamer as a digital release for $34.95 or purchase a USB hardcopy for $39.95.

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