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Transformation Visual Novel Changeling Tale Now Available on Steam

Changeling Tale, Helmet Fox’s visual novel centered around furry transformation, has been released on Steam.

Changeling Tale is a romantic eroge developed and published by Helmet Fox, set in Scotland, 1919. In the game, the war has ended, but people are still struggling to recover from the damage brought upon by it. The protagonist, Malcolm, is a young veteran who returned home to work on the farm he grew up on; however, when he arrives, he finds that his home has changed so much that it's virtually unrecognizable. Despite this, his neighbors and childhood friends, the MacLeod sisters, welcomed him home with open arms. Even though they hoped Malcom would help support them, he would reveal a secret that would change their lives forever.

Malcolm will be starting a new life, in which he can start and find love with someone. He has three possible romantic interests to pursue: Jessie, the lovely werewolf; Marion, the motherly cow; and the spirited sea creature, Grace. Helmet Fox plans to add more love interests in the future, along with more CGs and endings. For players who enjoy hunting for achievements and collectibles, Changeling Tale also features hidden easter eggs and minigames to play.

Changeling Tale is a character-driven, transformation-themed visual novel featuring three romance options and many immersive transformations, all determined by your choices.


- Story-rich & character-driven visual novel

- Branching Plots with multiple endings

- 3 Romantic Interests, with more to come

- Hundreds of lovingly illustrated Special Scenes & settings, featuring some simple animation

- Achievements, Easter Eggs, optional minigames & in-game hint system

- An Original Soundtrack with 40+ songs

- Flappers, Fae Magic & Bagpipes—what's not to love?

You can purchase Changeling Tale on Steam for $19.99. There is also a demo available if you would like to try the game out for yourself.

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