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Two and a Half Studios has published a Christmas-themed afterstory, The Divine Speaker: A Bounty Hunter’s First Christmas, on Steam and

The Divine Speaker: A Bounty Hunter’s First Christmas is a comedic holiday story that takes place after The Divine Speaker, a fantasy boys love visual novel. Set during the Winter Solstice, Zarryn and Titus send Raen and Leos on a mission to hunt down Mister Bells, an elusive thief. This is Raen and Leos’ first Winter Solstice together, but instead of being in the holiday spirit, Leos is more grumpy than usual. Can this couple enjoy a romantic holiday and complete their mission on the same day?

The game features over 25,000 words of story, CGs designed by Fuyuure, and chibi CGs by Tsy Shen. H-scenes include two rope bondage CGs where Raen and Leos can switch roles. You decide whether you want Raen or Leos to be the top. There’s also a rock-paper-scissors-game where you can play against Leos.

“I don’t care either way about the decorations, but I think if one more person comes up to me and wishes me a ‘Merry Winter Solstice!’ I might just stab them then and there.” - Leos, probably.

The Divine Speaker: A Bounty Hunter's First Christmas is an 18+ Leos-centric afterstory to The Divine Speaker set during the Winter Solstice.

When Zarryn and Titus send the pair on a mission to hunt down the elusive Mister Bells, how will Raen and Leos manage to balance their first Winter Solstice and their (very well paying) job?

A hilarious story with hints about the future of The Divine Speaker awaits you!

You can purchase The Divine Speaker: A Bounty Hunter’s First Christmas on Steam and for $5.99.

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