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TAMAKAGURA: Tales of Turmoil, Debonosu Works' fantasy SRPG, has been released on JAST USA.

TAMAKAGURA: Tales of Turmoil is a tactical RPG developed by the minds behind the Dawn of Kagura series, Debonosu Works. Players assume the role of Yuumo Nagumo, a freelance exorcist who used to train at the Kijimori Shrine. When his childhood friend, Yukari Kaburagi, gains exorcist abilities of her own, he vows to do anything to keep her becoming an exorcist herself. She is inexperienced, naïve, and the only daughter of the Inakibi Shrine, which has no connections to youkai at all. Despite all of this, Yukari still wants to use her new powers to protect people.

After a set of unexpected circumstances, Yuumo and Yukari decide to work together against the youkai in Inakibi village. Later on, a priestess from the Kijimori Shrine named Chihaya Inudoh arrives in the village to complete her own exorcist training. After joining forces with the two, the newly-formed trio accepts any youkai quests from the villagers. As more and more youkai-related requests show up, it becomes clear that an even greater threat is looming on the horizon.

TAMAKAGURA: Tales of Turmoil features over ten hours worth of playable content and a turn-based strategic battle system. Players can upgrade their characters’ skills and summon helpful youkai to aid them in battle. To make your youkai stronger, you can synthesize the ones you've captured to create one with both of their abilities.



Defeat youkai with your own demon-vanquishing powers, or summon friendly youkai allies to your aid. Explore and master a sophisticated battle system featuring five unique attributes, character compatibilities, and more.


Release accumulated Karma to activate powerful, demon-vanquishing hidden arts—use these as your trump card when the going gets tough.


When your party members fall in battle around you, you'll become enraged and more powerful than ever. Unleash your hard-won wrath wisely—you might be able to save your friends yet!


By combining captured youkai with each other, they'll inherit unique attributes, powering up their stats and battle potential.

You can purchase TAMAKAGURA: Tales of Turmoil on sale for $7.99 from JAST USA. After January 5th, the sale will end and game will return to its original sales price of $19.99.

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