Going in dry

The two-part kinetic visual novel Prince of Suburbia is Available on Steam.

Prince of Suburbia is a two-part sandbox visual novel where you are surrounded by sexy voluptuous women trying to seduce you. The game allows you to customize the relationships between the protagonist and his family members. You can write how he is specifically related to each woman. Guy is living a dramatic life under the same roof with four of his beautiful family members. His step-mother Catherine is a medical researcher who has developed a new fertility medication. She is testing the drug on herself to make sure it is safe for human consumption, but there are bound to be side effects. His step-sister Sarah has issues that she can’t talk about and has isolated herself from everyone that cares about her.

If Sarah and Catherine weren’t enough, Guy’s step-aunt Sonia and step-cousin Fiona have come over because they need a place to stay. It is important to be a good host to house guests, especially when they are family members, but these two might be overstaying their welcome. They aren’t the only troublemakers he needs to worry about. His neighbor Naomi and her daughter, Heather, have devious plans in store for him and his family. Will Guy fall to the charms of these women and let them have their way or turn the tables on them?

The sequel, Prince of Suburbia - Part 2, is paid DLC and the final chapter of the series. In this game, you will find out how the drug testing has progressed, help your step-cousin and her friend lose her virginity, face the consequences of impregnation, and end the summer with a trip to the beach.

Prince of Suburbia - Part 1 can be downloaded on Steam for free, but the DLC, Prince of Suburbia - Part 2, is on sale for $6.99. After January 4th, the sale will end and the DLC will return back to $9.99.

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