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Roguelikes and hentai seems like a match made in heaven; Last Devil shows just how little you need to make this pairing work effectively.

Last Devil is a top-down, roguelike action game developed by Sand Traveler and ado, with publishing handled by Mango Party. The title was initially released in early access in 2021, recently seeing a full release. A key for the game was provided to us by the publisher.

In Last Devil, players take the role of Kuro—one of the last-surviving devils—who inherited the demon kingdom after the death of his father. Kuro’s dad was a violent ruler, frequently pitting his demonic servants against other kingdoms. The warring nature of his rule led to a significant decrease in the number of demons. Now, Kuro has to not only deal with his kingdom running short on men, but also being constantly surrounded by enemy factions. To help alleviate the situation, Kuro takes the advice of his maid, Livia, and decides to forge new alliances while his people try to recover their strength. Unlike his father, he has more benevolent desires for demonkind, hoping they can find their place in the world without the need for conquest.

Though before he can even attempt parlaying with leaders of other nations, Kuro will first have to force his way through their territory to establish his cause to their leaders. During his quest, the demon king will have to enter the elven forests, the savannahs of the beastmen, and the goblin caves teeming with undead. Each leader he finds will be added to his harem, taking a wife as a sign of the alliance as well as expanding the kingdom's options for increasing the demon populace further.

While Livia loves Kuro, the protagonist tends to abuse her without waiting for consent.

The cast of heroines in Last Devil is surprisingly varied and colorful, to a point where it might be alienating to more casual eroge enjoyers. All of the sex scenes in the game are fully optional, meaning that if you don’t like one particular character, you don’t have to ever see them naked. Of course, if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t fancy even two of the heroines available, you’re already missing out on half of the erotic content in Last Devil.

The first heroine you’ll spend time with is Kuro’s maid, as mentioned previously. Livia really cares for her master, helping him let out his anger and frustrations whenever he returns from a failed foray into the enemy territory. She’s the most classic, female human waifu of the game and will guide you on your missions.

The first unlockable heroine players will have to fight for is the male elf, Charlotte. Charlotte is Kuro’s childhood friend who helped him learn how to fight—and for whatever cultural reason, is also the queen of the elves. The long history between Kuro and Charlotte makes him the perfect first leader to get in touch with. Fortunately for Kuro, the elf is also a total butt slut. Once his backside gets a reminder of who Kuro is, he readily accompanies him to the demon’s castle. While it may seem like demons logically wouldn't be able to make children with a man, Last Devil takes place within a fantasy setting: giving Charlotte the right magic potion will easily solve his problem.

Being part of a demon's harem allows the elven princess to express his true, slutty self

The savannahs are home to the beastmen, making the second heroine a furry character. Kayla is a warrior leader of the beastkin. She initially doesn’t trust Kuro and actively wants to wage war against him, but can be persuaded otherwise if you get through to her. She’s quite naïve, but not as much as the final heroine, the shortstack goblin Mia.

Mia lives deep in the goblin caves, surrounded by undead that she could’ve risen herself using her shamanic powers. In terms of personality, she’s absurdly naïve, allowing Kuro to trick her into doing whatever he wants. Interestingly, Mia isn’t exactly a goblin leader, being more of a renowned legendary figure. Nonetheless, her presence in the harem is still highly beneficial to Kuro.

The process of getting to the girls can be challenging if you want it to be, as Last Devil has two initial difficulty settings—"quick" and "normal"—with a hard difficulty made available after beating the game. Each of these overarching difficulty settings also features two difficulty modes for each of the three levels, with a standard version available at first, and a "hell mode" unlocked in the late game.

Being a predator, Kayla confuses sexual activities for combat training

To reach the heroines, Kuro will have to brave through their territory, fighting monsters in randomly-generated challenge rooms, going deeper after each encounter. The combat controls are simple: you can move Kuro around while shooting energy projectiles. You’ve got a dash on a cooldown, one of four spells, such as a shield or a minigun, and several bombs you can swap between. Each room you enter spawns a variety of enemies that will rush towards you; kill them all and you can move on to the next. As you do so, the game’s difficulty increases by a percentile value, along with the odds that the next room will be the stage boss.

How much the difficulty increases and how much closer you’re getting to the boss room depends on which room you enter. Every time you enter a room, the game offers you two options. There are normal rooms, which offer little challenge or reward, but lead you to the boss the fastest. Item rooms provide you with a choice of power-ups, while challenge rooms and wave rooms don’t advance the stage or its difficulty, allowing you to get stronger without making the game harder—if you can best the room’s challenge itself.

The combat is best described as a top-down shooter or a SHMUP. In special challenge rooms or during the very final boss fights, Last Devil can start to feel more like a bullet hell, but it usually stays simpler than proper bullet hells. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more ranged enemies over the melee Zergs, but the game manages to stay engaging as-is. Bosses are also reasonably distinct from each other, even if many can be cheesed once you understand their move set.

It’s a simple, but satisfying gameplay loop. It becomes especially fun after you stock up on upgrades, with Kuro able to increase the range and number of projectiles, have them apply status effects, or simply just raise his stats. Like with most other roguelikes, these buffs only last until the end of a single run. It’s important to get a good build going, as each stage ends with a boss and each of the three biomes contains three stages that have to be beaten in one sitting. The final boss of each level is its heroine, who then joins Kuro’s retinue. You can also replay a heroine's level to gather items, which will raise her affection and unlock new sex scenes, at which point the boss of the third stage is replaced with a new one.

Mia is attracted to Kuro, but doesn't understand her feelings or much about sex

Whenever you win or fail, you'll leave the stage with mana, which can be used to purchase permanent upgrades for Kuro. Players can increase the protagonist’s various stats, such as attack, defense, movement speed, and so on. Special ability and bombs also have their own upgrade system with their own separate currencies, as opposed to improving one over the other. The growth system in Last Devil is finely tuned: it doesn’t feel too grindy, since you’ll get a ton of improvements after each level, but it never feels like losses happen because your stats were simply too low. At the same time, the escalation of upgrades can get out of hand in late-game, with a maxed-out Kuro trivializing even the hard mode hell stages.

If you’ve unlocked one of the heroines, you can also take her with you into stages. She'll support you by walking around the stage attacking monsters, as well as providing an extra skill to use. With one button press, you’ll get to see Charlotte spitting out a rain of arrows or Mia healing your wounds. It’s a nice, simple way to remind the player of their progress in the game's story. Replaying a stage that a heroine was unlocked in will let you collect gifts for them, which levels them up and provides even greater bonuses.

Unfortunately, this is where the few gripes I have start coming to light. Firstly, Kuro is a bit stiff to control when he has no power-ups. Upon initially starting a stage, you’re slow, have pitiful range and only deal so-so damage. It makes playing through the early stages almost demotivating. It's an issue that gets partially remedied by getting some upgrades for the protagonist, but it takes a while. It’s not an issue with the game's balancing, since Last Devil's difficulty scales as you progress through the stage; enemies are just as weak as you are when starting a new run. That said, the game could’ve just been made more satisfying to play from the get-go.

The game provides a training room, where you can test out all 33 available power-ups

The level generation could’ve been improved upon as well: rooms mostly look the same and each biome has only a handful of enemies to fight. They’re at least decently varied, with different projectiles, attack patterns and special powers. I did remember most of the different enemy times and how to handle them on an individual basis. Unfortunately, after about two runs of a stage, you'll have seen everything it has to offer. Even the stages' hell mode versions later on don't really change much, even when it comes to the difficulty alone.

More importantly, the stage itself rarely affects the difficulty of battles. There often aren’t any obstacles to worry about, with an empty arena and a bunch of spawners appearing in front of you. The lack of any real variety makes the floors of each stage start to blur together over a longer play session. Things like map variety, some traps, or holes to dash over would've gone a long way to mix up the experience.

Even with that being said, what Last Devil has to offer is good fun. Between its roguelike nature, fast gameplay, and multiple difficulties, Last Devil can entertain you for pretty much as long as you allow it to. Personally, I’ve spent over 14 hours with the game and still have some achievements I could aim for. Though, I’d likely have finished playing the game sooner if not for this review. Last Devil should stay exciting for about as long as you have sex scenes still waiting to be unlocked. Moreover, the developers handled the game's early access period responsibly. Many of the gripes I’ve had disappeared before I even finished this review. Some of those were fixed by patches that came out post-launch, with the game still receiving occasional support.

The endgame can get hectic, but by then enemies look scarier than they are

On the technical side of things, I never encountered any bugs, but I did find that Last Devil takes a while to load during the initial booting of the game. It's not an issue after you get past the menu, but it does feel a bit unusual. The problem occurs even on SSD and M.2 drives.

Visually, Last Devil has pleasant artwork and nice pixel art sprites for the heroines. The environment is somewhat dull, though, especially after you see each room for the n-th time. On top of that, the game's cast of enemies look like assets taken from different artists, never meshing visually with the game or even each other all that well. The game isn't really an eyesore, but it’s not that special to look at, either.

Thankfully, the sexual content doesn’t suffer from those issues. There are 17 erotic scenes to discover: 5 for each princess and a few extras. Each scene comes with a couple of variant images and a narrated scene, though the "writing" amounts to little more than a collection of moans. Weirdly, these cutscenes use all available variants of an image to portray movement, which can result in things like cum teleporting in and out of the CG. It looks silly, but it somehow doesn’t detract much from the experience. The final CG for each princess avoids this problem by being a full-on animation, rather than a slideshow. The artwork for each heroine was also provided by separate artists, offering a selection of unique art styles to indulge in. Since the erotic scenes take place in separate instances, I didn’t find the different art styles jarring; I enjoyed the fresh vibe each one had to offer. While the artists all have their own unique styles, the quality of the art feels consistent.

The sound design is also worthy of some praise. While the soundtrack for the game isn’t particularly robust, I enjoyed most of the songs and found the savanna's theme especially memorable. The heroines are also voiced in Korean, and while I may not know the language, the voice actors seem to capture the emotion of their dialogue very well. Sound effects are okay-ish, as they capture the feeling of impact as needed, but aren't anything special overall.

Story is far from the game's focus, but there are still some cutscenes

You can grab Last Devil on Steam for $10.99. My recommendation is based on how much you like the game's cast of heroines. If you think you'll enjoy all of them, then Last Devil makes for a decent, casual fun time when you’ve got a few minutes to spare. For each girl you don’t fancy, I would say to wait for the game to be 10% off. Last Devil is a solid eroge making good use of its roguelike gameplay, but for all its efforts, it still doesn’t manage to achieve more than what's expected from your standard hentai game. The developer is already working on a sequel, so we may just see more of that in the future.


  • Highly replayable roguelike
  • Very varied cast of heroines
  • Pleasant voice acting
  • Healthy amount of upgrades and power-ups
  • Solid gameplay loop when you get a good build going


  • Protagonist initially feels unsatisfying to control
  • Heroines never interact with each other, not even in sex scenes
  • Overall minimal story with few plot points
  • Gameplay
  • Art and Graphics
  • Sound
  • Story
  • Replay Value


Each of the three main heroines feature five erotic CGs, including an impregnation scene and an animated pregnant sex CG. A couple of additional CGs feature the hero's companion, Livia. All sexual acts steer on the casual side, while the character's designs might come off as fetishistic to some.

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