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Sequel of Umbrelloid’s tournament nukige, Champion of Venus: Tayla’s Big Adventure is available in early access on Steam.

Champion of Venus: Tayla’s Big Adventure takes place after the events of futanari visual novel Champion of Venus. If you haven’t played the first game or need to be refreshed on what happened in the last game, the sequel provides an optional summary.

After the Tournament of Eros, the champions of the gods remained in the city after receiving an odd invitation. Something strange is going on and it seems to be connected to a new tournament being held in the abandoned stadium. Venus, the new Queen of Lust, intends to investigate this tourney, but her champion Rayne is currently on vacation. She’ll need to enter Rayne’s big sister Tayla as her next champion. Join Tayla and Venus as they uncover fantastical conspiracies, battle powerful and lusty champions, and explore the stadium’s mysteries.

Umbrelloid plans for Champion of Venus: Tayla’s Big Adventure to be in early access for less than six months, and might increase the sales price when the game is officially released. As for right now, the current version of the game contains four of six chapters. They plan to add the last two chapters, an epilogue, numerous erotic CGs, and more.

The Tournament of Eros is over...

...So why are the Champions still in the city? And what's with this creepy invitation?

Something weird is going on - and it has something to do with the old, abandoned stadium in the heart of the city.

The realms of lust are under new management...

As the new Queen of Lust, Venus has to solve this mystery...but with her Champion on a divine vacation, there's only one mortal she can turn to.

Join Tayla on a big, busty adventure like no other! Unravel a conspiracy of gods and monsters, square off with lustful Champions, and uncover the stadium's mysteries!

Like, totally!

You can purchase the early access copy of Champion of Venus: Tayla’s Big Adventure on Steam for $6.29. After December 23rd, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $6.99. If you wish to play Champion of Venus before the sequel, you can purchase it for $5.99.

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