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Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation, Dualarcade’s roguelike adventure game, has been published on FAKKU by Shady Corner Games.

Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation is a dungeon crawling roguelike adventure heavily inspired by Monster Girl’s Labyrinth. In this game, players will be following the tale of a man who seeks to reclaim the love he lost. On his quest, he will be venturing into a dungeon to confront difficult challenges and the various monster girls trying to tempt him. It's unclear whether he'll be able to heal his heart successfully, before succumbing to the lust and becoming lost the dungeon forever.

As players travel through the dungeon, there will be eighteen levels to complete and twenty different monster girls with their own H-scenes. Some of them will want to battle you before they let you pass by. Combat involves using a slider system by stopping the slider in the right spot to either attack your opponent or defend against an attack. Gameplay also involves collecting loot from successful battles and chests scattered around the dungeon. Your findings can be sold for useful equipment, while your money could also be spent on slot machines. Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation has multiple endings, including a secret ending, with the ending you receive depending on the choices made.

Will you mend your heart or be lost forever in a Vixen filled dungeon of lust and pleasure?

- Mysterious and intricate labyrinth setting, filled with hidden secrets and challenges.

- 18 Challenging Levels with over 90 minutes of gameplay and even more to obtain all treasures of the dungeon.

- Over 20 monster girls each with their own styles and sex scenes!

- Many challenges and secrets buried within the tunnels to discover!

- Minigames within the walls of the dungeon: Slot Machines & other interactive elements.

- Multiple Endings depending on the players choices including a SECRET ending.

You can purchase Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation on FAKKU for $5.99. Shady Corner Games also has plans to publish the game on Steam in May of 2024.

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