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Dark Elf Historia, a fantasy RPG by ONEONE1, is coming to JAST USA, MangaGamer, and Steam.

Dark Elf Historia is a classical fantasy RPG placing players in the shoes of a mercenary-turned-adventurer Fornelia. Wounded after a battle, Fornelia was ready to resign to her fate. She stumbled into a cave to die in peace, not wanting to be tortured by her enemies. There she comes upon a young man defending himself from monsters and, regaining her bravery, jumps in to save him. Inspired by the youngster, she takes him under her wing and decides to continue her work as a monster exterminator.

The game features exploration, dungeon crawling, and quest chains with casual turn-based combat sprinkled throughout. Players control Fornelia while young Ruse often follows her. Early on, she has to choose how to take care of Ruse and ensure his future, providing players with two possible routes: a vanilla story in which the duo manages to make a honest living, and a more fetishized adventure where they fall into a life of crime.

Between the two routes, the story offers seven possible endings. In both cases, most erotic encounter will occur either in battle, as enemies use their skills to molest Fornelia, or through rape after the heroine’s defeat. The game boasts roughly 10 hours of content with 74 CGs to discover. You can learn more about Dark Elf Historia from our review written during the game’s original release.

Our story starts when peace has finally taken hold of the world after the war. The former mercenary and dark elf Fornelia, battle-worn and looking for a place to die, saves a young man named Ruse from a monster attack.

☆Featuring two major branching paths!

You can take either of two distinctly different routes through the game, depending on the way you play.

Follows Fornelia’s life together with Ruse and her struggles to help him grow into a good man.

*You can make it to the end of this route a virgin.

Failing a certain job will send you down this path.

After becoming a criminal and suffering numerous humiliations, Fornelia is released and deployed to do the country's dirty work, all for the sake of her reunion with Ruse...

Dark Elf Historia is now available for pre-order on JAST USA for the promotional price of $7.99, where it will later cost $9.99, as well as on MangaGamer for $7.96, where it will later cost $9.95. The game is scheduled to release on March 31st, and will later also be available on Steam.

The game previously released with a machine translation on DLsite and was brought to Steam by publisher Paradise Project. DLsite no longer sells its English version, while the Steam edition was delisted from sales. The upcoming re-release of Dark Elf Historia is being prepared by Shiravune.

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